Thursday, June 10, 2010


As a part of the younger generation in this age of science and technology, i was also enjoying (?) my life without knowing and caring much about God. But going forward i had so many questions in my mind and i got different different answers from the people around me. As millions i was also born in a religious family, who follow Islam, and i have studied the way of worshiping almighty from my parents and teachers in that religion. But i haven't studied it fully. So i have so many questions about God and religion, because everybody is telling their religion is correct and some people told me they are not belong to any religion but they worship God in their own ways. But I need a way which is correct and i have to be thankful to my creator. So i started studying all the concepts of God, especially in the major religions in the world, and i have found so many things which is so amazing and i thought it will be great if i can share my little knowledge with you people. I am dedicating my blog to those people who have lots questions in their mind about the concept of God and the correct way of life. I am not here to hurt any body's feelings, my intention is to share the truths which i have realized in my life and also want to check whether i am correct or not. So please forgive me if you feel that I hurt your feelings.


  1. May this blog show light to those who got stuck in their way to God. May Allah reward you for your deed...

    The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said:
    A person shall arrive on the Day of Judgment and shall be in possession of good deeds in the measure of vastly accumulated clouds or towering mountains. (Witnessing them) he shall ask: O' My Lord! How can these be for me when I have not performed them? God shall reply: This is your knowledge that you had taught and conveyed to the people, and which was acted upon after you had died.

    Best wishes!!!

  2. I like you very much. You are really a truth seeker. Truth seeking is the first step to God. May God shall help you to find him.