Sunday, July 4, 2010

So..Which is the right way..?

After analyzing all the major religions, we can understand that all scriptures has so many similarities, and the most common is oneness of God. So now the question is "which is the right way". Before coming to the subject, i would like to share some comments i got personally from the visitors as well as my friends. Some people are telling me why i am spending my time for a blog like this ? there is no God exists, its all man made theories, and it will only make enmity among people. First of all, as i already written in my first post, this blog is not to hurt anybodies feelings but to find the truth. 

Coming back to the subject, i think the right way has to answer all such questions regarding the existence of God, why there are so many religions, why this religion is the right way, how can it proves scientifically and logically it is correct etc. So as i said the best way to understand a religion is to look at the scriptures of that religion. If we analyze these scriptures of all major religion we can see so many errors both scientifically and logically even though it is claiming as God's words. But God never make mistakes, he knows everything better than anybody. So we cant say a scripture having errors is God's words. So our next step is to find the correct word of God without having a single error. And believe me if we search, we'll definitely find one way, which leads us to God. Will mention that in my next post with details if god allows me. May God bless us to find the right way and give a peaceful life.


  1. Dear friend, God is everything to you.He is our teacher, our father, our mother, our life partner and our friend. HE needs no formalities from the part of human beings. If anyone want to find him, God will certainly reveal himself to them.
    But we must start the seeking. If you have moved one step he will move 100 steps towards you.
    If you call him to reveal yourself, reveal the truth, he will surely answer you.
    From my opinion you have to seek him from your outside border also. Religions will keep walls on our vision
    Break the wallls
    Seek everywhere
    You will definitely find him.

  2. Dear James, thanks for your valuable comment. I think you have misunderstood me, i dont have any border to seek that ultimate power, i am always open. And i think people are telling "religion" has boundaries and its a group people, but i strongly believe the true way has no boundaries, its open to all, because its from the God almighty, and as u said, we will find it if we seek by breaking the walls. I already broken it..!